What is Taoism token

Our Goal

Taoism means the laws of nature

Our mission is to build a financial ecosystem that conforms to the laws of nature, promote the development of science and technology, and make due contributions to human progress:

● Elevate the benefits of owning cryptocurrency.
● Encourages people to exchange goods in the real world using cryptocurrency.
● Bridges the metaverse and universe.

What is Taoism token

Problems to Solve

Cryptocurrencies nowadays are realized as "digital gold" because they are trusted and valuable.
There are thousands of coins and tokens but only a few popular ones are accepted as payment currencies to buy goods outside the cryptocurrency world, just because of their popularity and market value.
To make cryptocurrencies pervasive, we need to overcome the problems.

What is Taoism token

Taoism Token

Taoism Token (TAOISM) is the decentralized token that builds the integrated finance ecosystem for allverse. It contains the following features:

Taoism Rebate
All holders get 2% of tokens back into their wallet whenever they transfer tokens to another wallet. This will lead to the massive adoption of the token as a payment currency.

Grow token assets
A portion of transaction volume (2.4% for selling tokens and 0.6% for other cases) will be distributed to every Taoism Token holder.

Boost value by burning
A small portion of transaction volume (0.4% for selling tokens and 0.2% for other cases) will be burnt to boost Taoism token value.

Low Gas Fee
Since the Taoism smart contract is running on BSC (Binance Smart Chain), the gas fee is much lower than the transactions on Ethereum Network.



Taoism token smart contract introduced new concepts of reward and multi-purpose reflection, so when calculating the outcome of each transfer or accumulated transfer, Taoism adopts the unique approach to maximize the token gains for all parties of Taoism holders.

fee #1
2% Fee
fee #2
4% Fee
fee #3
0% fee
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Token Symbol TAOISM
Token Name Taoism Token
Launch Date 30.09.2022
Total Supply 6 Quadrillion
cost allocation plan 60% of the fee allocation is reflected to all holders.
20% of the fee allocation is burnt.
20% of the fee allocation is preserved for Taoism Swap.

Operating Allocation

10% Team Wallet
35% Giveaways & Marketing
55% Provided Liquidity

Road Map

Our team is working hard on R&D and production to ensure that the project is carried out as planned.

September 2022 Token launch
October 2022 Website launch
October 2022 Whitepaper V1 release
October 2022 First airdrop
October 2022 Add logo BSCSCAN
  • & Listing on Coingecko
November 2022 First CEX listing
  • & More marketing
November 2022 Release merch
  • & Website update
September 2023 Competitions and contests
  • & Apply to more exchanges
October 2023 Bigger marketing
  • & Apply to CMC/Blockfolio
November 2023 Fomotion game app V1
  • & Roadmap V2

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